Damage - You Am I

Label:RCA Records
She Don't Need The Morning
One Cent Coins
Open All Night

Damage is the first offering from You Am Iís soon to be released 5th album, Dress Me Slowly and what a masterpiece it is. Tim Rogersí singing just keeps getting better with age and the lilting title track ranks amongst his best work with its acidic string section used to perfection to counter the songís seemingly sweet exterior. The classic pop of She Donít Need The Morning is at first listen the most memorable track but also reveals itself to be the easily forgotten. It is says a lot about the calibre of this band that it is deemed only worthwhile as a B-side. The same goes for One Cent Coins, which sees the band heading in a more Stonesy/Faces vein than ever before. The final track, Open All Night, is taken from the film Better Than Sex and shows pretenders like Coldplay and Muse how you make sensual and uplifting music without succumbing to over-emotion. By all accounts (the as-yet-unreleased) Dress Me Slowly is You Am Iís best and most accomplished album yet and after listening to Damage thereís no reason to think why it wonít.

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